Copa America 2021: Mexico and the United States are favorites to replace Qatar and Australia in the CONMEBOL Championship | Mexico

Copa America 2021: Mexico and the United States are favorites to replace Qatar and Australia in the CONMEBOL Championship |  Mexico

The choice is. Without Qatar or Australia as part of the teams that will participate in America’s Cup 2021 To be held in Colombia and Argentina, there were many doubts about what the CONMEBOL tournament would be like. Will it be delayed again? Will there be a change in history? Will other countries be invited? Well, the one thing that’s certain – so far – is that it will operate as scheduled, according to Deputy Secretary-General Gonzalo Peloso.

However, regarding the possibility that other teams will take place Qatar s AustraliaPeloso preferred not to give details. Hence, according to information from the TUDN series, speculation has begun about the Mexico s United State To enter the tournament, a competition in which the two teams previously participated.

“The Copa America is completely certain. But Qatar and Australia, who have requested to participate, will not be able to attend. The AFC has set the World Cup qualifiers on the same dates that overlap with the cup.”Speaking to Radio La Red de Buenos Aires, Peloso thus clarified questions about a possible delay.

Continue to case Mexico s United StateIs their participation really possible? The answer is yes, although they may not be the main teams, as Tri and the US will compete for the Gold Cup in July and August this year. The reason for this is that U-23 classes of both countries may be the ones that could replace it Qatar s Australia.

However, while this possibility is being evaluated in CONMEBOL, Gonzalo Peluso That table of matches fell America’s Cup It will remain unchanged and “in the days of the guest matches, the teams (who were competing) will be free.” The executive also confirmed that the tournament “will be in all its splendor” with 10 or 12 teams.

As it will be well remembered, the traditional tournament that will be held for the first time in two countries in 2020 has been suspended due to the epidemic. Now, in 2021, it is expected to take place between June 11, with the opening match taking place at the reconfigured Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires, and on July 10, the final to be held at the Roberto Melendez Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla. .

Will there be an audience in the 2021 Copa America?

Currently yes. Peloso revealed that CONMEBOL authorities have drawn up plans so that matches can be played with fans in the stands. We have worked a lot with governments and associations. The idea is that you can play with a percentage of the crowd in the stadiums.The leader said.

In the plan, various variants were put on the table to be able to do this, including “selling tickets to those with negative PCR (anticovid-19 test)”. The other thing is to free people who have already been vaccinated. For example, in Mendoza (Western Argentina), when you play Chile, give a place to the Chilean fans with a vaccination certificate.Identify the idea.

“What percentage of people have been studied?”, they asked. “At least 30% and we will start complying with the protocols.”, He answered. To develop this plan, Conmebol managers have been analyzing methods and protocols that have been implemented in other countries, in order to obtain models that can be mimicked.

As he will remember well, the last hero in America’s Cup Brazil was, at home, in 2019, after defeating Peru 3-1 in the final. The bronze went to Argentina, which beat Chile 2-1 in the match to determine the third and fourth places. Separately, it should be noted that the team that won the most in the history of the tournament is still Uruguay, with 15 titles, more than Argentina.

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