The United States will not pressure Ephrine Alvarez over his final decision


Ephrine Alvarez is one of the great talents that is developing in MLS today. The Los Angeles Galaxy striker has also started his process in small teams and at this point he will have to make an important decision: to represent Mexico or the United States, Choices that he already has experience that challenge his transfer permanently

United States U-23 coach Jason Chris assured that Alvarez’s talent is unique, so they undoubtedly want him to be in the pre-Olympic CONCACAF. However, he admitted in an interview with that they would not put pressure on him, as they would wait for him to make his final decision and he would be respected.

“Greg (Perhalter) and I feel like this is a player who has some potential and some tools that no one else in the national team might have. And then it becomes very interesting for us (…) so we want to give you the opportunity to be part of our national team program. Patriot in the future.Now, that we said that, we want to tell you that, but then we have to step back and say, This is a very personal decision for someone, so we don’t want to put undue pressure on him. We just want to tell you how much we care about you., specially.

Shield / Flag of Mexico

The USA, days before its pre-Olympics debut

The CONCACAF Pre-Olympic Championships will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico, from March 18-30. The Stars and Stripes debut will be in the group stage on Thursday 18 March against Costa Rica; Their second commitment will be against the Dominican Republic on Sunday, March 21st, and they will finally close their activity in Group A, on Wednesday, March 24, when they meet Mexico.

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