Top Five Apple Products of 2020

Although 2020 forced Apple to change its way of working with many employees who work from home most of the year, Apple has managed to acquire a long list of new products over the past 12 months, to update most of the devices in its lineup and provide it with software New.

In our latest YouTube video, we’ve rounded up the five best products of 2020. Although there are a lot to choose from, there have been many notable ones like M 1 Macs IPhone 12 Lineup iPad Air, The AirPods Max, Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.

Magic keyboard

It might seem like it’s been forever, but in March 2020, Apple made its debut New iPad Pro models With an updated camera technology that includes a LiDAR scanner for the first time, and alongside new iPad Pro‌ models, Apple has introduced Magic keyboard.

Apple previously had a Smart keyboard For iPads, Magic Keyboard is the best Apple designed IPAD Keyboard yet. It has a scissor-lock robotic keyboard that resembles the keyboard used on Apple’s Mac computers, and for the first time, there is a trackpad.

The trackpad is making the iPad‌ more like a laptop than ever before, and Apple’s iPads are now also compatible with mice. The Magic Keyboard also features a stylish floating design that allows for screen adjustment, and it works well on any roll.


On the downside, it starts at $ 300, which is quite expensive for a keyboard, and doesn’t fold back so you can’t use it as a standard case when you don’t need the keyboard.

iPad Air

Introduced September 2020, iPad Air It is the first device from Apple with a full screen display And the Contact ID-With Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the power button.

IPad Air 4 colors

It also got a faster A14 chip before the A14 reached the iPhone 12‌ (although Apple eventually released theiPad Air‌ and iPhone 12‌ at the same time), and it comes in a bunch of new colors that it wasn’t. Previously used for iPad‌.


Compared to the previous generation رازiPad Air models, it has got a screen similar to the iPad Pro with with thinner edges, and with the A14 chip and the new Touch ID and new design, it’s a solid deal in Pricing starts at $ 599.

IPhone 12

Apple released four new iPhones this year, including a A 5.4-inch iPhone mini, The smallest Iphone In many years, it was designed for fans of small appliances, and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, The largest “iPhone” to date.

iphone 12 pro max iphone 12 mini

All new iPhones feature a new design on the iPad Pro model with square edges that represent a departure from the rounded edges we’ve seen in the iPhone‌ lineup since iPhone‌ 6.

IPhone 12 color assortment

All iPhones feature OLED screens even at the low end, and it has an incredibly fast A14 chipset. They all have great cameras, however IPhone 12 Pro Max It has the highest camera setting, although both Pro models feature the same LiDAR scanner first introduced in the iPad Pro‌.

iphone 12 vs iphone 12 mini

The iPhone 12‌ models are also equipped with a magnetic ring inside that makes them compatible with a new technology called MagSafe, Which is used to connect magnetic chargers and accessories. With MagSafe‌, iPhones can wirelessly charge up to 15W, an improvement over the previous 7.5W maximum charge.

M1 Macintosh

At WWDC in June, Apple confirmed it was working on its own Silicone based apple chipsAnd, in November, Apple’s first silicone devices were Macs ‘M1’ chips unveiled. The Mac M1 is, without a doubt, the most exciting new product Apple has introduced to the Mac lineup in years.

Future m1 macs 2020

Before the launch, no one knew exactly what to expect from the Mac M1’s hardware, but Apple honestly surprised everyone unbelievable performance. When it comes to single-core CPU speeds, the M1‌ Macs outperform all other Macs on the market, and in multi-core performance, they are on par with some of Apple’s high-end desktops.

M1 slide slide

Apple put its M1‌ chip on file MacBook AirAnd the MacBook Pro 13-inchAnd and Mac miniAnd, despite the speed gains offered with these chips, this is it Low end Macs, with more powerful chipsets expected for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, iMacAnd other machines in 2021.

AirPods Max

We were not expecting AirPods Max Until 2021, but Apple presented it as a surprise in December. The AirPods Max were Apple’s first over-ear headphones, and they turned out to be more expensive than anyone would expect, at $ 549.

airpods max in blue

The AirPods Max‌ feature aluminum ear cups, mesh earpads, and mesh headband, and although they are heavier than many other headphone options on the market due to the premium design, most people found them comfortable.

Airpods max colors

AirPods Max has all the features you expect AirPods Such as fast pairing, fast device switching, and large range, plus Active Noise Cancellation, Adaptive EQ, and spatial audio. It looks great, as it should be, at $ 549, and the battery life is adequate in 20 hours.

The only real downside is the Smart Case, which has an inquisitive design and offers no protection, and is generally seen as one of the worst cases included with a set of premium headphones.

Is contained

What’s on your list of the top five Apple products for 2020? Let us know in the comments.

In 2021, we expect many new devices, including the additional (and more powerful) M1 Macs. AirTags, And the CamelAnd new programs and IPhone 13 Lined up. You can monitor what is rumored to be launched on our site Upcoming Apple Product GuideWe’ll have a detailed summary later this week.

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