Trump promises automatic residency for immigrant graduates – DW – 06/22/2024

Trump promises automatic residency for immigrant graduates – DW – 06/22/2024

Former president of United State And the Republican candidate Donald Trump He promised to do so if he returned White Housewould grant automatic permanent residency (Green card) For immigrants graduating from university, there has been a significant change in their attitude towards immigration, as reported on Friday (21/06/2024).

“What I want to do and what I will do is if you graduate from a university, I think you should automatically, as part of your degree, get a green card so you can stay in this country,” the Republican said during the presidential election. “All In” Podcast.

He added, without providing further details, that “this includes community colleges as well. Anyone who graduates from a university goes there for two or four years.”

Trump, who during his administration had a tough policy on immigration and is a critic of President Joe Biden's immigration policies, also promised to address this issue from day one if he is re-elected.

The former president (2017-2021) has historically blamed illegal immigrants as criminals and rapists, as well as job losses and a drain on government resources.

Moreover, in his new term he promised the largest deportation operation in US history.

js (EFE, Reuters)

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