Unsafe Interns for Medicine in Transmissions: Breña Cant

Unsafe Interns for Medicine in Transmissions: Breña Cant

Zacatecas Transfers represent the main The problem of insecurity to the doctors, I consider Gilberto Brianna CantoMinister of Health of the state of Zacatecas.

State officials admitted that Health workers are stopped at the checkpoints of criminal groups.

He stressed that the problem is not in the medical units.

“The problem is highway transportation, as well as mobile units Stop them and check them out (criminal groups) and then People are afraid and put themselves at risk“, He said.

add that

“The other thing to understand is that We can’t travel in those places at night and the other would be, If they stop you then stopIf you don’t stop, they will snoring Because they think you’re one of those on the other side.”

Highest risk points

The above in reference to the northern region of Valparaiso, Where they are considered there The biggest danger points.

In this lies Milpillas de la Sierra, Santa Lucía, Ameca la Vieja, San Juan Capistrano

“They are the foci where we have problems.”

They will train trainee doctors الأطباء

Faced with this problem, Briana Kanto I mentioned that it will be implemented next week Training course to Medical trainees.

It is intended for those who are going to retired health centers.

“In any case, we have already removed the places of danger from the training places,” he said.

In this sense, emphasized that they are in Liaise with all public security authorities To be aware of the safety of doctors on the way to their work points.

“Even to see if this has been done mobile home To bring doctors to their workplaces in dangerous places.”

mention it population From the communities that are considered unsafe sites Also affected by the problem.

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