US: Revealing the car models that last longer with their owners

US: Revealing the car models that last longer with their owners

Sincerity is a very valuable asset, and of course in matters of cars it is as much or more than it is in other matters of life. In 2020, we told you that JD Power chose Subaru as the most loyal brand for US customers, and now a new North American study shows what cars stay with their first owners for another year, these guys aren’t at all interested in renewing every two or three years years, as in others with less attachment.

This report was prepared by من ISeeCars It took into account more than 660,000 cars built between 1981 and 2005 that changed owners during 2020. It excluded those trucks, work vehicles and cars no longer in production.

The list is arranged as follows: the percentage of vehicle owners who, at some point, have kept a “0 km” for more than 15 years is ranked from highest to lowest. You will be surprised, because once again the Japanese teach:

position Form Ownership percentage over 15 years Compared to average
1 Toyota Prius 13.7% 2.2 times
2 Toyota Highlander 12.4% 2.0x
3 Toyota Tacoma 11.6% 1.9X
4 Toyota Sienna 11.5% 1.9X
5 Toyota Tundra 11.3% 1.8 times
6 Honda CR-V 10.7% 1.8 times
7 Honda pilot 10.4% 1.7x
8 Subaru Forester 9.8% 1.6 times
9 Toyota 4Runner 9,4% 1.5 times
10 Toyota Sequoia 9.1% 1.5 times

Regarding the super pioneer, they explained at ISeeCars that “Toyota Prius owners who have kept their cars for at least 15 years were the first to adopt hybrid vehicle technology, and those environmentally conscious consumers probably want to keep them for as long as possible.” Analyst Karl Brauer. “The Prius also attracts practical drivers, thanks to its fuel economy and low maintenance costs. Long-term vehicle ownership definitely helps drivers increase their savings.”

Finally, it should come as no surprise to anyone that if a car has been under the same owner for many years, it probably means that the car has zero or very low failure rate. Good for Toyota, Honda and Subaru.

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