US blames Mexico for chaos at CDMX – El Financiero


Problems have been reported in flight plans between Mexico and the United States Not attributable to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)A US government source who knows about the failures said that they are directly under Mexican authority Finance.

On Wednesday, Mexico City International Airport (AICM) was registered More than 165 flights with delay Due to failure of communication between pilots and control towers.

The Mexican government indicated that this occurred due to the failures of the Internet provider of the Federal Aviation Administration.

But the source explained that the problem affected thousands of passengers On the Mexican side It has nothing to do with malfunctions in communications systems or communications in the American power network.

On the other hand, the FAA told this newspaper, through an electronic communication, that good plans are coordinated manually Until the communication outage is resolved.

On Wednesday, the Department of Communications and Transportation confirmed that “failures in the FAA caused delays in AICM’s operations.”

Even the government reported that only 22 flights were affected during the early hours of the emergency, however, by 7:00 pm on Wednesday, more than 165 flights had suffered delays of more than two hours and not just 20 minutes. The agency also confirmed in a statement.

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