VIDEO: Oklahoma news anchor suffers stroke on live TV | News from Mexico

VIDEO: Oklahoma news anchor suffers stroke on live TV |  News from Mexico

a News announcer From Oklahoma revealed it Suffered the onset of a stroke He lives after he begins to “stumble upon his words”.

jolly chinwho works for him KJRHa subsidiary of NBC In Tulsa, she was hospitalized on Saturday after finding herself struggling to read the teleprompter in front of her.

“The past few days are still a bit mysterious, but I the doctors They think I had a stroke on Saturday morning. Chen said in a post on Facebook Sunday night.

The episode seems to have come out of nowhere. I felt really good before our show.”

However, over the course of several minutes, things began to happen during our newsletter. First, Partial vision lost in one eye. Soon My hands and arms are numb. So I knew I was in big trouble when My mouth didn’t utter the words Which was right in front of me on the teleprompter.”

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live stroke

Chen was reporting the now canceled version of Container when hair You are clearly confused And he would repeat his words.

After suffering for several seconds, Chen ended up apologizing to the viewers and said: Sorry, something happened to me this morning..

He quickly passed the wand to meteorologist Annie Brown for a weather update, but Chen was unable to return to the air for the rest of the broadcast.

My co-workers realized the emergency and called 911.”

The announcer said that she underwent her series of tests At the hospital to determine the cause of his on-air seizure.

“At this point, doctors think I’ve had a stroke, but Not a complete strokeChin detection. “There are still a lot of questions and a lot to do, but the bottom line is it should be fine.”

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