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If we don’t have a good timeOften, waking up is accompanied by a strong fatigue that accompanies us for the rest of the day. For this, it is enough not only to sleep 8 hours, but also to comply with other rules. The University of California Berkeley has outlined essential tips to consider to sleep well.

In the study published inFirst, you have to sleep the night before for specific hours, in addition to following a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy and exercising.

In a survey of more than 700 people, they were asked about their habits; Like your food and diet. Many have verified that people who slept longer hours were better alert; Not only did this improve his mood.

The type of breakfast many ate also affected greatly. People who ate more carbohydrates had higher energy than those who only ate protein. This can be seen in the glucose study that was taken from the various respondents.

Another factor that affected each person’s alertness was age, but this is a factor that cannot be changed.

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Although, of course, it should be clarified that these studies were more than anything done by survey, not scientific data, so there may still be more concrete answers to these doubts. However, good nutrition and exercise will always benefit the body.

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