Weather in the United States: Weather forecast for Washington, DC on July 21

Weather in the United States: Weather forecast for Washington, DC on July 21

A coat and umbrella or light clothes and a hat? If you don’t know what outfit to go out in this Thursday, this is the outfit Expected weather Over the next few hours in Washington, D.C.

Precipitation probability For this Thursday in Washington, DC, it’s 40% during the day and 1% all night.

Meanwhile, cloud cover will be 34% during the day and 23% at night.

Regarding temperature A maximum of 35 degrees and a minimum of 24 degrees in this US region. Ultraviolet radiation is expected to reach a level of 10.

Wind gusts reach 48 kilometers per hour during the day and 30 kilometers per hour at night.

Washington, DC is the capital of the United States, located in the northeast of the North American country, along the Potomac River, surrounded by the states of Maryland and Virginia.

The climate in this American city is mainly tropical, with a subtype of monsoonThat is, it records high temperatures throughout the year, with a small dry season and a mostly rainy season.

Highest temperature They were feeling in the month of July as the temperature was around 40 degrees. In contrast, it was in January and February when Cold weather prevails Score up to zero degrees.

Meanwhile, the month with More rain she might.

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How is the weather in the United States?

The United States occupies a large amount of land, and reports a large variety of climates, almost all of them.

On the eastern side of the United States Two central climates prevail: humid subtropical and humid continental.

In Northeast America The most important weather wet mainland Which is characterized by rainfall throughout the year and turns into storms in the summer and snowfall throughout the winter.

In the southeastern United States prevailing weather humid subtropical Hot summers, cold winters and heavy rain.

From the American West SideThere are at least three major climates prevailing: semi-arid, arid and mediterranean.

Semi-arid climate, in its cold subtypecovers The most central part of the western and northern southern United StatesIt is characterized by less precipitation and lower temperatures.

In the southwestern United States is where he is Dry climate, in its cold and warm subtype. In the arid cold, the winters are freezing and the summers are mild, while in the hot dry, the summers record very high temperatures and in the winters the weather is mild. In both cases precipitation is scarce.

mediterranean climate score in Most coastal areas of the American West, from north to south It is characterized by its mild and rainy winters, and its dry and hot summer.

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