A young man disappears in Ojinaga while trying to cross into the United States – El Heraldo de Juárez

A young man disappears in Ojinaga while trying to cross into the United States – El Heraldo de Juárez

Alan Francisco Pérez Martinez, 29, decided to cross into the United States via the Ojinaga region on June 26, but in the meantime, he has disappeared and the only thing they know about him is that they took his cell phone and erased it. His social networks, explained his mother, Heidi Martinez who has been asking for help to find her son for several days.

Alan Francisco decided to cross to the United States in search of the “American Dream” for which he tried to cross the municipality of Ogenaga, but in the process he apparently lost all contact with his family and at the moment no one knows anything about his whereabouts, because he was just trying Have a better chance of life in the frontier country.

“Please help me reach people’s ears by tagging Maru Campos and everyone you know from the state government in the comments, Alan disappeared 3 weeks ago and we just know they took his cell phone and deleted his social networks and nothing of it” part of the message that started spreading across the networks Social.

She requested that her letter be published so that her case would be revealed, as she requested her attendance, she is her mother and needs to get to know her son, she is asking the authorities not to spend more time so that she can. It can be located.

Although at the moment there is no further information about his disappearance, the State Prosecutor’s Office is conducting investigative work, and as part of the protocol an investigation is launched with information, personal data and a brief description of what happened at that time. his disappearance

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It is worth noting that about a year ago, a group of 13 young men also disappeared in that part of the state, when they tried to cross into the United States, and at the same time there are dozens of people in the same situation who seem to have been deprived of their liberty by armed men living in that area. region of the entity.

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