are you looking for a job? This wins a baker in the United States

are you looking for a job?  This wins a baker in the United States

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Being a baker is not an easy job, because they are responsible for satisfying the tastes of millions of people who enjoy a cake or a sweet piece of bread. It is also highly regarded in the United States, but have you ever wondered, how much do they earn in a North American country? Here we tell you all the details and whether there are vacancies.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is responsible for dividing bakers as workers. He divides them into two parts: into commercial bakers and retail bakers.

The first is responsible for the manufacture of this food in equipped facilities, such as ovens and specialized mixers. While retailers do it in bakeries and in smaller quantities.

How much does a baker earn in the United States?

This same government office was responsible for announcing the annual salary of those who performed this work. concluded that They earn an average of $14.31 an hour; That is about 294.26 Mexican pesos.

The foregoing means that in an eight-hour workday for six working days in a week, A baker can earn up to 14,124 pesos.

“Most bakers work full time. Business hours can vary and often include early morning, evening, weekend or holiday shifts. Some facilities operate 24 hours a day, the bureau said on its website.

Are there vacancies to work as a baker in the United States?

So far There is no program that gives foreigners the opportunity to move to US soil For the purpose of working in this branch, where positions are regularly filled by the same Americans who will replace someone who changed his job, retired or lost his life. But the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that There are about 28,300 vacancies for baking every year.

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