What we Spaniards can learn from koselig, the Norwegian method for finding luxury

What we Spaniards can learn from koselig, the Norwegian method for finding luxury

We’ve always heard it on hours and sunny daysAnd More joy And good feelings in people, but more happiness also? If we consult World Happiness Report 2023the happiest countries in the world do not exactly enjoy Good weather. in the first place Finland (which is already the sixth year in a row). They follow him Denmark And Iceland. And Spain? It does not enter the top ten, and even more so, it drops two places compared to the previous year. NorwayThe country that interests us today is the seventh. According to him World Happiness Reportthe happiness measured b Degree of satisfaction with life. “People will only experience high levels of life satisfaction in general if their people are Pro-social, healthy and prosperous. In other words, your employees have high standards of what Aristotle named Elidemiathey explain. koselig is a Norwegian term full of wisdom from which we salvage 4 very useful teachings vital happiness.

What is norwegian koselig?

koselig in Norway meansWinter’s embrace As it comes, without He gets frustrated Because of the cold or lack of sun. In turn, this term invites you to enjoy it in the company of our site lovable. he koselig We talk about living to the fullest the present moment without desire for future situations. Although it is a word associated with winter, its teachings are beneficial at any time of the year, even now Summer raises temperatures So unbearable. koselig He talks about the situation he is contributing to Well-being and happiness Because the Norwegian, upon the arrival of the cold, oversteps seasonal depression Go out into the street or to Nature in the company of friends and family To enjoy it, without giving too much importance to the inconveniences and even to enjoy it with others. unlike Danish hyggehe koselig calls Wrap up well and leave the house To have fun with others. They are the ones who make the environment welcoming.

The four keys to the well-being and happiness of koselig

More than 40 degrees in the shade? There will always be a good source where you can have fun with your friends. It is very koselig.

What can we Spaniards learn from the Norwegian koselig?

  1. Don’t complain too much. Don’t regret (too much) what you don’t have and enjoy what you do have. live in the present to its full extent. in it koselig It’s about not complaining about the cold, but we can extend it to any season or situation.
  2. Don’t compare yourself too much. If you focus on what others have, you will forget it Enjoy what you have You. in it koseligNorwegians prefer not to waste time thinking about pictures of beaches and warm paradises on social networks. Their thing is to enjoy what they have.
  3. Move (in spite of everything). Neither cold nor heat can take us to sedentary lifestyle. Moving is key Psychological health and physics.
  4. Find the company To make the moment great. You enjoy the cold (or the heat) more in the company of other people. crescent moon quality relationships Those that really contribute to happiness and our degree of life satisfaction.

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