Woman confined to her seat trying to open the door mid-flight – SinEmbargo MX

Woman confined to her seat trying to open the door mid-flight – SinEmbargo MX

The flight crew to Charlotte, North Carolina, explained that the woman was experiencing a mental breakdown.

Mexico City, July 12 (however). – There was a woman tied to your seat Elephant crew From an airport After I tried to open the door completely Flight from Dallas Charlotte Road.

The woman got into a crisis mid-flight and tried to open the door for a flight from Texas to North Carolina as passengers and crew suffered minutes of stress.

In videos and photos posted to user @lol.ariee’s TikTok, the woman is seen tied with duct tape preventing her from getting up from her seat. The passenger was also seen yelling at the passengers as they got off the plane as soon as they reached their destination.

After an hour of travel, the American Airlines flight crew began to move from place to place, and whispered among themselves, until then the users knew what was happening. They also closed the bathrooms and took the bags behind the chairs very carefully and without telling the travelers what was happening.


As the American Airlines plane was about to land, a flight attendant spoke to passengers to explain what had happened and shared that the woman had suffered a mental breakdown and “had a fit” trying to get off the plane.

He shouted “I need to get off this plane!” He approached the exits and began to knock on the doors, saying, “You must let me get off this plane!”

Según los reportses del vuelo, cuando miembros del equipo se acercaron a la mujer para calmarla y evitar que abriera las puertas, comenzó a morder, escupir y atacar a zafatas y asistentes, por lo quela decidi tripulación asción, the mouth.

After landing at Charlotte Airport, police and medical staff arrived at the woman’s seat to help her, while the rest of the passengers got off the plane.

Another case in the United States

Last June, a Delta Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Oklahoma, United States, after a passenger threatened to “shoot” the airlift.

The passenger, who threatened the crew and the rest of the passengers, is an out-of-service flight attendant on the same airline.

The man had taken over the intercom and caused an altercation in the middle of the flight, which was heading from Los Angeles to Atlanta. In the face of conflict, the plane was diverted to Oklahoma and made an emergency landing.

According to the information, the crew had to request the support of some passengers to arrest and subdue the subject after he physically assaulted two flight staff.

“The pilot called for Public Address System to come in for ‘all healthy men’ to neutralize the assailant. CNN reported that several people jumped on him and managed to control the man.”

Although most of the male passengers got up as soon as the pilot called for their support, many of them had to return almost immediately to their seats, as circulation was interrupted by the presence of so many of them.

Because of the maneuvers that had to be performed to land, passengers were advised to prepare to wear oxygen masks. Reports said the plane was completely full.

The airline has registered 394 counts of “disruptive passenger” cases as of May 25 this year.

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