Women and science, women and art, women and history | BE HISTORY

Women and science, women and art, women and history |  BE HISTORY

Historiography in the past two decades has focused carefully on the study of women. It has been talked about in areas like everyday life and politics and unusual biographies have appeared and also, it must be admitted, it has attempted to present a distorted idea of ​​reality. And this is wrong, because throughout history the role of women has been so important that they do not need accessories to elevate them to the high status they deserve.

We started the program with a review of the role of women in science. In him, as in man, an innate curiosity arose for centuries to know the world that surrounds him and the reasons that explain it. His role is more meritorious because of the obstacles that have been put in place in order to achieve his goals on a permanent basis.

Then we talk about women in cinema, which is in fact an exposition of the role they had in art until the twentieth century. In the Middle Ages or in the Renaissance, it was the goal of painters and sculptors to put them at the center of scenes of great kings through portraits or mythical scenes, and in the 20th century it was the goal of cameras.

We ended up with Maria Rigg, a young novelist who in recent years has emerged as a benchmark in literature.

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