A 72-year-old bodybuilder who looks 30 years old; reveal his secret

A 72-year-old bodybuilder who looks 30 years old; reveal his secret Photo: Getty Images | explanatory

Yang Xinmin It takes the word “tragaños” to another level, because the bodybuilder who caused such a stir 72 years, although it actually looks like 30.

In addition to arousing indignation at his appearance, Yang Xin Min, He is of Chinese origin, and is also a part of his country’s history, being one of the first to devote himself to BodyBuilding in the eastern country.

No historical Di Yang Xinmin

Yang Xin Min, Also known as “Iron Grandfather”, he began playing sports in the 1980s, inspired by the successful movie actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since those years, the athlete has maintained a diet of fiber and protein, not forgetting the exercise routine that he undergoes daily.

Within his career in BodyBuildingAnd The branch where actress Vanessa Guzman ventured, The “Iron Grandfather” won more than 100 medals In addition to awards and certificates of appreciation. the first Recognition dates from 1983.

Try imitating this guy, Yang Xinmin, 72 years old Chinese bodybuilder for 37 years, you won many gaps, you can look young even when you are old.

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“Iron Grandpa” reveals the secret

The secret of achieving a envy body Looks like it was hidden, until now, okay Yang Xinmin reveal how it happened beat age.

according to Yang XinminThe routine starts like this: You have to eat six to eight eggs, The same thing that should accompany it Tomatoes, cucumbers, oats and chicken breast.

Once you meet the first condition, keep practicing and exercise force For an hour, with more physical routine To tone the muscles.

In addition, the “Iron Grandfather” also emphasizes that to achieve the goal, it is necessary Sleep well And get a good rest, and get away from Fatty foods and alcoholic drinks.

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