A Scottish Distillery hires a dog to spot the abnormalities of whiskey production


One-year-old cocker spaniel named Rocco A Scottish distillery was contracted to discover faults in wooden barrels for aging whiskey.

And the Rocco He finds some trouble in distillation kegs whiskey Grant de Gervin, In southwest Scotland, this will be mailed to Global Brand Manager, Chris Woffe, A name that makes Britons smile because of their surname, which translates to “wow.”

“ Wood is a natural and distilled substance whiskey It is an organic process, and we worked for Grant whiskey It is to make sure that everything is fine during the course whiskey It’s aging in oak barrels. “

The woof explained to the media

The director added, “The dog’s sense of smell is 40 times greater than the human sense of smell, and we have specially selected and trained us. Rocco To detect any odor abnormalities during whiskey Madura. “

A dog’s sense of smell is 40 times greater than a human’s sense of smell. Photo: Reuters / illustrative

Roco received six months of training and Grant’s employees built a private home for him at the distillery. “The atmosphere is reinforced by Rocco’s presence and people can’t help but smile,” said Team Leader Lian Noble, who will take care of the new recruitment.

“It’s a working dog and not a pet, so we have guidelines to make sure he’s not distracted when taking a break in between shifts, but the morale boost was a pleasure to watch.”

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