Ivan Duque was greeted to applause in Ciudad Jardin during his visit to Cali

Ivan Duque was greeted to applause in Ciudad Jardin during his visit to Cali

This Friday, May 28, one of More violent days in Cali, In the framework of the social protests that have already started in Colombia a month ago. At least five people were killed, including two protesters called a CTI agent who also died after being executed by a group of people.

Cause difficult situation for the president Ivan Duque will travel to the valley capital to share with local authorities And the General Force in the Security Council, which concluded with important measures during the next few hours.

We will act in defense of all rights and with the power that the constitution and the law give us. Therefore, I would like to make it very clear that from tonight the deployment of maximum military assistance to the National Police begins in Cali and Valley County, “ The president stressed in a statement to Colombians.

After these statements, the President visited the Ciudad Jardin sector in the south of the city, where he was received by applause from the community. “Thank you, President.”They shouted at Doki while shaking hands with several citizens, informing them of the militarization.

But Duque’s visit to the sector has also caused controversy because it is not there where the young protesters are demanding the national government response to social problems. In fact, it was reported that there were armed civilians shooting at protesters in Ciudad Jardin.

Just a few days ago, a citizen who was part of a crowd demanding an end to the siege at the University of Del Valle, a few meters from the Strip, spread on social networks because when he encountered a young man he told him: “There are 25,000 weapons here, in the municipality, and we are not using them to defend Ourselves, but if we must … “, after we say that they are” a people of peace. “

Infobae Colombia He was able to confirm that the man in question was Carlos Andres Betancourt, the mayor of 22 Cali municipalities for the Center Democratic Party and who was the Chairman of the Local Administrative Council (JAL) in that area until February 9, 2021.

“We don’t know what happened to him, but he’s very worried.” A member of JAL expressed this medium. In addition, this person explained that the video that was recorded on Monday, May 3, two streets away from 100th Street, was part of the moment when people left armed and in trucks to intimidate the protesters.

It was also in Ciudad Jardín where the confrontation took place between the inhabitants of this sector and the indigenous minga. Giovanni Yuli, political promoter of the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC), He indicated that they did not arrive in a violent manner, on the contrary, when they were moving quietly they were attacked with firearms. In addition, Juul denounced that the armed citizens had been escorted by the Gaza police.

The minga part of the story states that, A “crowd of people accompanied by the police” fired at the community, wounding ten people, one of them in critical condition. And a bodily reaction from the minga who only sought to defend himself from the armed people’s attack.

“Today we were subjected to a brutal attack when we passed some authorities and a guard on the Cañasgordas Road (…) Consequently, we tell the president of the republic not to be cynical and not to lie to the country, and those who shot us were those mobs accompanied by the police, and neither we nor us who are here attacked us in any way. Mess “, Yule said.

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