Todd, the guy who befriended a wild bird and they are already viral


Some People were greeted By your dog when you get home. to Todd Westward revealed Sylvester Give her welcome.

The bird, prof Swallow, swallow, He began spending time with Westward in their backyard in New London, New Hampshire last month while his family was away, according to his wife, Mary Beth Westward, posted on Facebook. Since then, it has been the bird, which they named Walter Become part of the garden.

Before we left, I thought it was just a coincidence. ” Mary Beth Westward. “While we were away, this bird made this strange connection. I was here every day, all day, following it.”

Walter kneeled on her husband’s shoulder and arm and visited the workstation in his backyard.

Mary Beth Westward He said he received a lot of positive comments on his post, and heard some similar stories from social grévoles.

She added that she and the couple’s daughters do not have the same relationship with Walter. The bird seems to want to scare them away.

Run like a feathered Velociraptor chasing us down our driveway. He came back and sat on the balcony, pretending to be our Observer, “writes Westward in his letter.

Swallow Holly is Penn State bird. The phenomenon of “domesticated” grévol occurs in the spring, in The peak of the breeding season, According to a video from last year from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. One theory is that grévol acts excessively in the territories.


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