Coronavirus disease. The European Union is studying the possibility of issuing vaccination passports


The United States is considering establishing passport Vaccination for international travelThis Friday was mentioned by the Minister of National Security, Alejandro Mayoras.

“We are studying very carefully” the idea of ​​a special passport for Americans who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 He said on ABC TV that he travels to and from abroad.

President’s government Joe Biden Mayuras, whose division oversees the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), adds that he wants “to make sure that passports submitted for vaccination are available to everyone and that no one is excluded.”

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The European Union is preparing to launch a Health certificate For the month of June, many countries in the bloc are planning to create one at the national level.

But the idea is causing controversy in the United States, where there are some states such as New York DegreeOthers, such as Florida and Texas, refuse to implement it, arguing that it violates the basic rights of Americans.

This week, a member of Congress who supported former Republican President Donald Trump sparked controversy by comparing the permissibility of vaccination with the yellow star, a symbol of Nazi stigmatization of Jews.

In April, White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki said, “There will be no federal requirement for everyone to have one vaccination certificate.”

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