A strategy to motivate you to exercise: 4 very easy keys

A strategy to motivate you to exercise: 4 very easy keys

Many experts agree that at the end of the year—not as a New Year’s resolution—we should Do the exercises To start good habits and Improved health and wellness As of January. But it’s not that easy. With cooler, darker weather and calendars full of festive events, motivation to practice (or practicing any kind of self-care) is often more complicated.

And that feeling doesn’t just apply to winter: post-pandemic research by Nuffield Health found that nearly half of females don’t. Exercising regularlyAnd one in three women said their physical health had deteriorated in the past 12 months. Considering many The benefits of exercise – Not only for physical health, but also for mental well-being – how can we get back on track?

next one, Vogue magazine He talks to George Fiennes, fitness guru and founder of Jab Box, about his top tips.

Visualize where you want to be

As the saying goes, you can’t be what you can’t see, so taking the time to visualize your goals is key to achieving them: “Whether it’s five, ten, or twenty years from now, have an image or a goal in your head, and then “I want to be 70 or 80 and still do what I’m doing now, whether it’s training, running, or playing soccer with my kids.” Write down your goals, and always keep them in mind. And think about what you need to do to achieve them, which will help you make everyday decisions and behaviors.

Action accelerates motivation

Sometimes it is enough to show up for training, and the motivation will come with time, when you start to see positive results. “Most days I don’t feel like training—I always find other things to do—but I start warming up, I keep going, and I end up feeling amazing,” says Venis. Set the bar intentionally low and start with a short workout twice a week. Make sure you achieve these goals and I guarantee you will feel better and want to Do the exercises Often, this is how you build good habits over time.

Make it easy to exercise

Often one of the hardest parts of a workout is getting up: getting out of bed, getting ready, and leaving the house. To remove this barrier, be sure to create an environment that positively influences your behavior: “Prepare yourself by taking off your gym clothes the night before so all you have to do is put them on when you get up in the morning,” says Veness, as an example. He also recommends preparing yourself mentally: How long are you going to train? What type of exercise will you do? What kind of music or podcast will you listen to? Make up your mind and do it.

Find the right people to exercise

Numerous studies have shown that we are more likely to exercise If there is a social component, finding a workout partner or a gym that prioritizes your community may yield better results: “I think the community is the most important part that’s not really appreciated,” says Veness. It is a point of contact in our daily lives and adds value to people’s lives; One of the main things I noticed was that before we went to a pub or someone’s house for a cup of tea, but now we can go to the gym together. that’s good.

Try to be consistent, even if it’s just a little bit every day.

Make your health a priority It’s essential to feel good day after day, so try to exercise every day, even if it’s just 15 minutes. More and more studies show this Do the exercises For more than a minute is still good for both physical and mental health: “It’s a daily goal: If you want to feel good every day, have a clear head and optimal headspace, exercise,” says Veness.

The article was originally published by the UK, vogue.co.uk.

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