Why do we love Carlo so much? | Stone ax | Sciences

Why do we love Carlo so much?  |  Stone ax |  Sciences

We know that in science truth can only be established in an exclusive way, that is, only what is false can be proven. It becomes impossible to prove something is true without the help of persuasion. Karl Popper came to confirm this at that time.

Contrary to what happens with science, poetry does not deceive. Either it is sublime, or it is not poetry. Perhaps this is why Jaime Gil de Biedma was a true poet who still lives today and has been transformed into a poem. Something like that comes to tell Carlo Frappetti In his latest novel, entitled Terrible angel (West Indies Books), where he presents us with a puzzle whose solution seems to be implied in the puzzle itself. It is one of those charades that the Italian mathematician loves so much, a game of logic and absurdity with which Frappetti plunges us into a periodic journey similar to the Mobius tape that he defines throughout his journey With that sextina composed by Jaime Gil de Biedma that he called Apology and petition It can be read at this link.

Building on this poetic recreation, Carlo Frappetti implicates us in a game that takes us to “Libersespace,” an alternate space-time that existed long before cyberspace was even formed. An endless scope forms a web woven with words. Because as Frappetti says, everything has its name, at least in books, and with the advent of computerization in our reality, books merge into the web, into that virtual kingdom where not only viruses grow, but also where poets go when they die to become poems. verses of the main art, usually geometric, which become sextinas. A reference to Hans Moravec (1948) In all of this and in his book mechanical man Where the Austrian researcher presents us with cyberspace as an alternative space inhabited by organisms that reproduce like living organisms.

Carlo Frappetti had already been introduced to poetic recreation from an earlier book entitled dark troubadour, It features Arnaut Daniel, a troubadour who was considered a very high poet of his time and who created the sistina, whose numerical order is embedded in an incantation representing “the diversity and continuity of what is”. An amulet called wafq majazi, which is nothing more than a Latin square, the origin of Sudoku, a puzzle whose solution requires nothing more than the use of logic, since it is necessary to reveal the inner mystery that contains the order of numbers. . For this, there is no person more suitable than the intimate detective created by Frabetti, who is able to reveal the most hidden motives as well as the darkest corners of his clients.

To solve this case, the intimate detective resorts to the help of the relationship between numbers and literature. There’s a reason Frappetti is a mathematician and storyteller in equal measure. If you do a little research, if you google the terms that appear here and delve into the dimensions of cyberspace, we can show that everything said here is true. True as sextina for Jaime Gil de Biedma titled Apology and petition It is a poem that does not lie.

stone axe It is a section in which Monteiro Glaze, with a desire for prose, exerts his own siege on scientific reality to show that science and art are complementary forms of knowledge.

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