A woman asks her boyfriend for a phone password, even though he ran over him

A woman asks her boyfriend for a phone password, even though he ran over him

a a woman Spread on social media after your reaction with your Husband to give him Your phone password To be able to review it in case of suspicion Possible betrayal.

Although this situation can be considered very common in romantic relationships, the big detail here is that The man was in an ambulance When the claims occurred.

How did this situation happen?

According to the video, you can see a file Ambulance Where the groom and a large number of people gathered around after The subject ran over. Then you can see how far it goes fianceeWhich In anger, he decided to get into the ambulance To pressure your partner to hand over the password.

She heard the woman pushing the paramedics to get into the ambulance: “You got it because you have to give me the key.” Once inside, she screams so much that her boyfriend hands over the password and even hits his leg several times, but the guy seems to be injured and doesn’t make many moves.

A nurse beside her asks the woman to come down but she doesn’t pay attention and continues her claims. For this reason, it can be seen that a Police officer He has to get there to force her to go down, although the procedure is complicated because his girlfriend does several punches and kicks to avoid being taken down.

When a large number of people gathered after seeing the man run over, a great noise was heard with a large number of shouts asking the woman to get down. One of the attendees is heard saying, “At least wait for the paramedics for you.”

After the police managed to get her out of the ambulance and stop her by the arms, she left the ambulance to take the young man to the hospital, but not sooner. Women’s contact with attacks By firing several kicks at the vehicle before leaving. The video culminates where you can see how handcuffed women, When people start to back off.

According to local witnesses, the woman acted this way because She had a suspicion that her boyfriend had been unfaithful to her with one of her neighbours. For this reason, she did not bother seeing her boyfriend injured and decided to put an end to his suspicions by holding his cell phone in his hands, just without the password.

Users interact and highlight women’s toxic behavior

Shared video in the past April 8 It has gone viral and is already on many social networks due to the unexpected reaction of the woman against the man in the ambulance.

Knowing that she was his girlfriend, many users indicated that a file The man should end the relationship When he recovers from not having to be with someone so violent that he doesn’t care much about his health. In addition, in a sarcastic tone they indicated that Women have reached a new high level of toxicity In his angry reaction.

“Between men, we help each other very well, very badly for a girl, we must learn that if there are cheats, goodbye, everything that hurts, will pass,” user Mike wrote. For his part, user Ismail commented: “The man asks the paramedics: If you lift the ban, you will kill me, please take me to the forensic medicine immediately.”

“If I gave him the key, so that he would leave my life once and for all, what would one do to this poisonous woman?” , indicated by user Luisa Fernanda.

Although there is no indication in the video of where the events took place, the user who shared the material (Tweet embed) journalist out CaliAnd Colombia. It is also unknown What happened to the woman? Welcome The health status of running over her boyfriend.

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