A woman steals a motorcycle from the thieves who stole it and report it to the police

A woman steals a motorcycle from the thieves who stole it and report it to the police

An act of insecurity occurred in recent days in the municipality of Yopal (Casanare), in the early hours of the morning, when two people on a motorcycle intercepted a couple who were traveling on a secluded street to steal their belongings. However, one of the victims managed to escape from the criminals, Take the motorcycle the people were riding.

The thieves quickly got off the motorbike to commit the robbery before the police reached the scene. The woman was the first Someone stole him and then rushed towards the victim’s husband to strip him of his belongings.

But the criminals’ plan did not go as they expected, as they found a woman smarter than them.

While the people tried to rob the lady’s husband, he resisted and the other criminal intervened so that the man would allow himself to be robbed. at that moment, The woman took the thieves’ car and fled the scene.. While they were chasing her, she went back to her partner and helped him.

Later, the couple fled the scene, taking the car. However, the couple did not keep the motorcycle but took it to IAC The closest they found and reported the theft to the officers.

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At the time, the two people were calling the authorities to denounce the theft of their motorcycle by a man and a woman.

The authorities were present at the scene, and after questioning the people and the couple, the officers were able to determine that The men were already criminals They already had several charges of theft.

At that time, the criminals were arrested and taken to the municipal prison.

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Policemen who arrived at the scene managed to retrieve the couple’s belongings such as a briefcase, wallet and money. In the midst of the struggle, when the couple was under attack, the man was wounded, so he had to be taken to a medical center for treatment.

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