This was the face of the mysterious mummy who claimed to be pregnant

This was the face of the mysterious mummy who claimed to be pregnant
pregnant mummy face
This is what a pregnant mummy looks like in life. | Image: Facebook.

A group of forensic experts managed to Recreate the face of the pregnant Egyptian mummy in high detail and realistic, known as “The Mysterious Lady”Which is two thousand years old.

through Warsaw Mummy Project, Two forensic specialists have individually produced a few facial reconstructions for pregnant mummy. Using 2D and 3D techniques (CT scans and X-rays), researchers have come up with two approximations of what this ancient Egyptian woman might have looked like.

The two reconstructions show a woman in her twenties, who was pregnant, with dark skin and brown eyes.

In the photographs, the mummy’s face can be seen looking straight ahead, providing a realistic portrait of her. However, the creators cautioned that the recreation “cannot be considered an accurate picture.”

“Our bones, and the skull in particular, provide a lot of information about an individual’s face. Although it cannot be considered an accurate portrait, the skull, like many anatomical parts, is unique and exhibits a range of shapes and proportions that would be partially visible in the face. Final ” says Chantal Milani, Italian forensic anthropologist and project member.

On his part, Wojsek Egesmond, Co-Director of Warsaw mummy projectHe said, “Modern technologies allow us to perform a virtual autopsy of the mummy’s body. We can look under the bandages and inside your body. For the first time, his face will be revealed to the general public, and everyone will be able to look at his face.”

The The identity of the mummy “The Mysterious Lady” It wasn’t the only thing that experts discovered, because according to what they revealed, it’s very likely that it will happen in lifeThe woman suffered from cancer.

these Facial reconstructions It can be seen in an exhibition that opened at the Silesian Museum in Katowice on November 3, 2022.

The Mysterious Lady, the world’s first pregnant mummy

Polish scientists discovered this mummy in 2021, and according to experts, a mummy Justas such No similar cases were found.

During the first analyzes, experts noted that one of the x-rays showed that the woman had long, curly hair that reached her shoulders.

According to the experts he is mummy uniqueSince then according to Logisich Egesmund, of the Polish Academy of Sciences, who is also involved in the project, They did not find similar cases.

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