Academic Forum of Medicine 2022 Tampico will present Grupo Milenio

Academic Forum of Medicine 2022 Tampico will present Grupo Milenio

With the participation of managers, Professors and universitiesAnd the Millennium and Multimedia Group will do on friday The first academic forum for the medical profession 2022 at Metropolitan Cultural Space.

It will happen then March 11 The event is scheduled to open in 10 amwhile at 10:30 there will be a tour of Stands for technology and medical innovation with university administrators.

head National Academy of Medicine of MexicoThe Dr. Jose Halab Sherimyou will welcome this event which is part of the activities Millennium Forumsduring the installation protocol.

also considered main conference from the doctor Ana Graciela Zaga Fernandezassistant professor at Weill Cornell Ophthalmology DepartmentIt’s 11:20 am.

They will have the participation of those responsible for the medical faculties of the universities Tampicosuch as the case of Dr. Enrique Alvarez Viaena, from UAT; Dr. José Armando Luna, in charge of the district in ICEST; Dr. Carlos Garcia Willis, Head of the Department of Medicine at it’s me; and Dr. Victor Manuel Gómez, Director of the aforementioned Specialization in UNE.

At 12:20, a break for activities is scheduled Specialized forumsAttendees will be invited to take a tour of the stands installed in the aforementioned place.

With the participation of Dr. Carla Gisela Garcia Alvarezthere will be Managers ForumThere will be the possibility for committee members, question and answer days, as well as other interactions.

Already in the last part of The first academic forum for the medical profession 2022At about 2:30 p.m., Dr. José Ignacio Santos Preciado, President of the Association, said The National Organizing Committee for Councils of Medical Specialties (Conacem).

In addition to forums with those responsible for Medical districts of universities in the southern part of the stateEach institution will give its outstanding students the opportunity to speak.

Millennium Multimedia Group They carry out these activities knowing the importance of medicine in complex times, requiring students to be better prepared for the challenges ahead.


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