Adele Ramones launches “Volunteers: Everything for Science” | News from Mexico

Adele Ramones launches “Volunteers: Everything for Science” |  News from Mexico

Mexico City. – The new series from National Geographic Original Productions’Volunteers: All for the sake of scienceIt will arrive on January 5 on the platform Disney +.

championship Adele Ramones As a conductor and in an investigation by Do not stopThe New Latin American production seeks to answer some common questions in everyday life through fun experiences with volunteers.

in a ”Volunteers: Everything for science“It is suggested to investigate a scientific situation to explain common and uncommon questions that the curious have about how things work or the reason for a particular thing. For this they will treat Scientific theories behind it and thus check it out in a fun way.

Participants and doubts

Therefore, volunteers participated in it: Armando AlvarezAnd Camilo BogliatoAnd Michaela LapigueAnd Esteban Mako s Angeta Rodriguez Which, in the name of science and with humor as a tool, is subject in first person to experimentation and subsequent analysis of evidence.

Volunteers don’t rest until they get insightful answers:Why are some sounds more annoying than others? ¿How cold are humans?? ¿Why does it hurt so much to pluck hair from your nose??

In a mixture of elements of reality show, science, adventure and humor, it is proposed to an audience larger than 14 yearsAs the series stimulates curiosity, sparks interest, and encourages exploration from a fun everyday perspective.

The series consists of 2 parts From 4 episodes From 20 minutes Of the duration of each one, the first part will premiere on January 5 next year. From January 19th they will be available at Disney + The experiments are in a short format so that the audience can consume them as they like.

Directed by Pablo RomeroAnd Volunteers: All for the sake of science It was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a laboratory that was entirely built for the series.

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