Governor inaugurates complex of interest in health and well-being in Apetatitlán


when opening Health and Wellness Concern Clinic, where 13,000 dialysis services and 3,000 free minimally invasive surgeries are expected annually, Governor Lorena Cuellar Cisneros called on mayors, deputies and officials from her administration to work together to change the history of Tlaxcala.

He emphasized that it is a great historical opportunity to make real change, to show that there are no obstacles and there will be no obstacles to anything if we want to make good accounts.”

Likewise, he endorsed his administration’s commitment to meeting the health needs of the residents of Tlaxcala because they deserve the infrastructure and technology that private hospitals in the country do not have.

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The new complex, located in what is known as the hospital area in the community of San Matias Tiptomatitlán in the municipality of Apetatitlán, was built and equipped in a record time of 58 days not counting dirt roads with a budget of 238 million pesos and will start on grant service from next January 25th.

The Complex of Concern Specializing in Health and Well-being is one of the commitments fulfilled in the first 100 days of this administration, that greatly moved Lorena Cuellar and reflected in her message: “The truth is, it’s a dream, a dream come true. Today in the morning I was saying what I did to deserve All this, to live what I live. Make these dreams come true in my heart and soul.”

The above is because he considered that the two clinics, one for dialysis and one for outpatient operations that make up this space, “will provide life and health to thousands and thousands of people. 13,000 dialysis, how many patients in Tlaxcala have had a period of time to receive care, how many who do not They have the resources to care.”

He added that building the complex was a promise he made to a friend of his who recently received a kidney transplant, “But not everyone has such great happiness in farming and in life. That is why today we have this dialysis unit that will care for 13,000 kidney patients and give life to me and I have none. A way of giving thanks,” he said, referring to “everyone I know who put their hearts, if they work every day, night and day, Saturdays and Sundays.”

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He also noted that the minimally invasive surgery unit will cover the service shortfall that resulted from the Covid-19 epidemic, “I am very excited because I know that here we will be able to take care of all the people on the waiting list, who were not, who were unable to attend due to the Covid issue- 19″.

before your message, conservative She cut the ribbon accompanied by the heads of the Ministries of Health (Sesa) and Infrastructure, Rigoberto Zamudio Meneses and Alfonso Sanchez Garcia, respectively, after which they toured the facilities where they found a first-class team they had.

“The facilities are top notch, and even private hospitals in Mexico don’t have the equipment that we have. Because today we have it all in Tlaxcala, because Tlaxcala deserves it, and you all deserve it, and that’s why we’re going to keep working every day, to make a new story,” He later stated in his speech.

For this, Lorena Cuellar asked for the support of her administration officials, mayors, deputies and the media, because “if we want to change the history of Tlaxcala, we must all be together, because it is the greatest historical opportunity to make real change, to show that there are no obstacles and there will be no obstacles to any something if we are to make good accounts.”

The establishment of these medical units was announced by the President last October in order to solve the current delay caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of dialysis and minimally invasive surgeries and given the current delay in the construction of General Hospital D. La Sesa, which is held in the same area as the hospital.

In the case of the dialysis unit, it contains 15 chairs, which will allow 13,000 sessions annually to benefit kidney patients who need to travel to other countries to continue their treatment.

Whereas the mobile surgery unit will have three operating rooms equipped with laparoscopic towers, and an area for laparoscopic procedures, with nine to 12 beds for short stays, where about 3,000 surgeries can be performed annually on patients not only from Tlaxcala, but from neighboring countries.

Sesa President, Rigoberto Zamudio Meneses, confirmed that the health and well-being concern complex is the first unit in its class across the country to receive Edge certification, as it is a sustainable construction with a 66 percent reduction in carbon footprint.

It was announced that on January 25, it will be officially launched at an event to be chaired by the Head of the Federal Ministry of Health (SSA), Jorge Olcoser and the Federal Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell.

In turn, the Minister of Infrastructure, Alfonso Sanchez, confirmed that the complex was built in 58 days, not counting dirt roads, “as far as we know, no one completed it at that time.”

The event was also attended by officials from the state government, as well as mayors, among them the president of Apetatitlán, Angelo Gutierrez.

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