The National Institute of Statistics has submitted a review of nearly 6.1 million paper records to cancel the assignment


Number: 589

  • Deletion will be carried out if citizenship so requests: Claudia Zavala
  • Once the term has expired, both records will be checked for authenticity.
  • On December 25, the deadline for submitting the signatures of citizens supporting the practice of citizen participation ends

The National Electoral Institute (INE) is receiving, verifying and preliminary estimating about 6.1 million citizen signatures on paper that have so far been received by various civic organizations requesting the revocation of the mandate.

Minister Claudia Zavala, in a press conference, confirmed that the National Institute of Statistics does and will carry out this practice of citizen participation, so it only needs to determine whether the model under which it is implemented may or may not deviate from the provisions of the Constitution and the law.

“Consultations are underway, and they will be implemented and what we see is the way in which it will be organized. There are alternatives to implementing this exercise, but it has differences regarding the form required in the Mandate Abolition Act, hence the importance of going to court.

The INE will do what the courts decide, the authorities are subject to the courts and this should be because we are in a state of law, and it is the courts that resolve these kinds of disputes.”

Zavala emphasized that this process is only the first step to comply with the constitutional requirements to issue a call for the revocation of the mandate, for which the same law gives the institute an obligation to verify and prove that 3% of registered citizens are in nominal terms. The list, with at least 3% of the nominal list dispersed in 17 states of the country, supports the exercise.

When taking the floor Executive Director of the Federal Register of Voters, Rene Miranda, indicated that over the next few days, all institutional capacity to open 4,430 boxes will be deployed with signatures received across the country so far..

“You have to be very careful and clear, the electoral authority cannot yet talk about a specific number because all the boxes that were received have not been opened. We are processing 30 boxes with 75,000 signatures per day and we will seek to process a larger number in the coming days to achieve the desired goal.”

He added that there are currently 250 people and it is expected that during the first working day of January, 300 people will be added in two shifts for you to check box by box and coordinate by coordination.

The CEO took the opportunity to report that as of December 20, the 44 million 630 signatures collected through the application have already undergone the necessary checks and reviews to comply with the constitutional requirements to support citizens.

However, Minister Zavala specified that said support still had to be reviewed to ensure that there were no duplications between the support received through the application or those actually obtained.

Verification and estimation process for physical shapes

In this first stage, the settlement of signatures is verified by the formula approved by the General Council, which shows that the support provided is to cancel the mandate of the person who assumes the Presidency of the Republic due to a loss of confidence. .

Likewise, it is verified that the records have the full name, voter code, OCR, signature or fingerprint of the citizen and that they are accompanied by a photocopy of the voting credentials ensuring the authenticity of the authentication.

It should be noted that the whole process took place in the presence of representatives of the promoters who are informed at all times of any irregularity detected in this preliminary review, as well as in front of the election office staff who certify it. The process that is being performed.

Once this stage is completed, the Executive Directorate of the Federal Register of Voters will proceed to collect all signatures on the nominal list of voters and compare them to create a statistical sample for later verification through a home visit of the selected citizens.

Finally, the Executive Directorate of the Federal Register of Voters will issue a report on compliance with constitutional requirements that will be delivered to the Executive Secretary, who will submit it to the General Council no later than February 4, 2022.


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