After fighting Salinas with Legos, Amlo now faces Miley in the ring WWE style

After fighting Salinas with Legos, Amlo now faces Miley in the ring WWE style

On March 27, the President of Argentina Javier Miley He described the president as “ignorant” Andrés Manuel Lopez ObradorAfter he was criticized and described as a “faco-conservative”; “It's a compliment,” he said.

By previewing the interview with CNN by Andres OppenheimerThe President of Argentina responded to Lopez Obrador's words.

“It's a compliment.” Even if an ignorant person like López Obrador speaks badly about me, he praises me.”

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“He's right,” Amlo responded. However, he did recall the time Miley insulted Pope Francis.

“You are right: I still do not understand how Argentines, so intelligent, voted for someone who is so inaccurate, contemptuous of the people, and who dares to accuse his compatriot Francisco of being a “communist” and representative of evil. In the land, when it comes to the most Christian pope and defender of the poor. The one you knew or heard about.

In view of the above, the Influencer Ver Tijerina, dedicated to creating video games, featured a fight between the two characters with the help of artificial intelligence (Amnesty International).

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during Tik TokThe content creator broadcast a video clip showing the fight between the two leaders.

The recording shows Lopez Obrador wearing a red suit and tie, while Miley wears a dark blue tie and the Argentine flag on her back.

Throughout the 5-minute clip, you can see how the two characters lock each other in, pummel each other and pull off some World Wrestling Entertainment-style wrestling moves (WWE).

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Amlo and Salinas Plejo face each other in the ring

It is worth noting that previously, the same Tiktok participated in a confrontation between the Mantario and the businessman Ricardo Salinas Plejo.

Where, after several minutes of distress, Hope I managed to defeat Sahib Azteca TVwhich eventually crashed into the table.

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After Sheinbaum vs. Xochitl Galvez, Amlo and Salinas Ligo now face each other in the ring with the help of AI.

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