5 benefits of owning a dachshund that little is known about

5 benefits of owning a dachshund that little is known about

at recent days Dachshunds It has been trending on social networks due to the news that the German government wants to ban this breed because it is considered to have a “skeletal anomaly”, which led to a discussion that today has already become part of a draft law.

And this is it This unique breed is characterized by its short legs, long ears, and sturdy bodyHeight ranges between 12 and 23 cm. And weighs 4 and 5 kilograms.

Following the news that Germany wants to ban these dogs, the German Kennel Club published a petition to save dogs that had been banned due to a genetic defect.

If you have a dogru of this class, Below we tell you What are the five benefits of owning a Dachshund that few people know about?

1.- It must be of an appropriate size, and ideal for living in small spaces, such as apartments or small houses.

2.- They have a loving personality, so they enjoy human company.

3.- It is easy to care for, thanks to its short and soft hair and does not require extensive maintenance

4.- It adapts to different environments and lifestyles, i.e. in the city or in the countryside.

5.- They are intelligent, easy to train, and ideal for obedience activities and intelligence games.

Remember that if you have one of these puppies at home it is important that you keep it with you, and do not forget to take care of it, protect it and even provide care for its anatomy.

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