All clinics and hospitals in Veracruz will rely on IMSS Bienestar

All clinics and hospitals in Veracruz will rely on IMSS Bienestar

Confirmation of the federation of the Veracruz Health System by the Government of Mexico; The delegate of the State Welfare Secretariat, Manuel Huerta Ladron de Guevara, noted that this process is already in the diagnostic stage in all hospitals, clinics and government health centers, so that later IMSS-Well-Well-being becomes the body that takes care of the disease. they.

Manuel Huerta explained that the care of IMSS, the most solid part that remained after the privatization that took place mainly in the field of health and took the spirit of public health as enshrined in the Constitution, is today the institution that can put itself at the forefront by coordinating with the Institute of Health for Welfare (INSABI).

The federation seeks to ensure access to quality medicines and care in all health centers and hospital units in the authority; At the same time, the working conditions of employees working there are improving and more are being hired, given the current deficit.

“In fact, there is a federal process for the health system in several states, and it started with Nayarit, and it was followed by others who accepted that process, like Tlaxcala, Sonora, Veracruz, and the goal of the government is to free doctors and medicines.”

For this reason, he stated that through IMSS sponsorship, assessments of the current conditions of the Veracruz health system are being made, so that this goal can be achieved in the remainder of Andres Manuel López Obrador’s six-year term.

“This process will be gradual, it is not an overnight process,” Huerta Ladron de Guevara explained, noting that during the Salinato era the Mexican health system was decentralized (also educational), and management the same was handed over to the states in their lands, Which led, he said, to the rulers being the “King’s Vice-Kings” and the privatization of health care in the country being let in.

Manuel Huerta emphasized that in addition to ensuring payroll for workers in these hospitals and dispensaries, the goal is to identify needs that need to be taken care of, such as the shortage of doctors.

“There is a shortage at the national level with more than 100,000 doctors who do not exist. The enrollment of young people in these professions is an effort and what must be done to obtain this guarantee and access to doctors of all communities, especially the most marginalized groups such as indigenous people or people far from urban areas.”

He stressed that the International Medical Services Department will implement the entire recruitment and establishment procedures for health personnel, which implies that no one will be affected by their labor rights, but these offers have already been launched to hire new health workers.

“The first thing that is done – in the process of federalism – is the diagnosis, which I understand is already at the stage of review, analysis in all hospitals in the state, clinics, etc., a complete diagnosis of the infrastructure, facilities, personnel and others; and from an agreement that already exists with the state government, this process has begun the whole already and at that time it will be necessary to talk with all the workers, ”the official considered.

Finally, he ruled out that this strategy of implementing a single national health policy in states like Veracruz would generate disapproval among health workers, contending that nothing affects them, but on the contrary, “they will be very satisfied with the conditions in which this process will take place.”

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