The Mexico City Health Secretariat recognizes the College of Medicine in the United Arab Emirates

The Mexico City Health Secretariat recognizes the College of Medicine in the United Arab Emirates

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Toluca, Mexico, March 6, 2022. – As a result of the quality of education and its national standing, the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous State University of Mexico (UAEMéx) was recognized by the President of the Ministry of Health of Mexico City, who highlighted the recent merger of specialties of pediatric and neonatologists in the hospitals of the Mexican capital.

At an ordinary session of the Council of the University of H., the person in charge of the Office of Academic Space Guidance, Jerónimo Amado López Arriaga, confirmed that through a letter sent by the Minister of Health of the capital, the commitment of the Autonomous State of Mexico to shape the basic medical schemes of the country

The Custodian of the University confirmed that the headquarters of the pediatrics specialty is the Children’s Hospital “Villa”, and the headquarters of the neonatology specialization at the General Hospital “Dr. Enrique Cabrera.

On the other hand, it was approved in the session corresponding to the month of February to develop the specialties of pediatric neurosurgery, epidemiology, and occupational and environmental medicine offered by the College of Medicine.

López Arriaga explained that these study programs are transcendental in the current context we are facing, especially epidemiology, because they will allow the training of professionals who will help in the early detection of diseases.

It also approved the restructuring of the PhD in Engineering Sciences, which seeks to train high-level professionals with solid scientific, methodological and technical training that contributes to the generation of engineering knowledge in the application of artificial intelligence and sustainable systems.

In this regard, the Director of the College of Engineering in the United Arab Emirates, German Garcia Benitez, stated that this Ph.D. responds to the environmental agenda, as well as to technological progress.

In addition, it has been approved to restructure the degree programs in Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering and Communications to be taught in a mixed mode, which will allow for increased enrollment in this study plan.

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