Álvaro Leyva calls for strengthening the economies of the countries of the South

Álvaro Leyva calls for strengthening the economies of the countries of the South




January 22, 2024 at 10:30 AM.

During his speech in Third South Summit of the G77 + Chinawhich is done in Kampala, Ugandahe Counselor Alvaro Leyva He stressed that to obtain different results with regard to development, equality, and protection of life and the environment, different measures must be adopted.

We are in a state of collective madness, hoping for a sustainable world, and reproducing the practices that lead us to destruction as a species.“, He said.

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And he added:It is urgent that we have a sense of reality: we must try to build a new global consensus based on one goal: human dignity.“.

The Chancellor called on the countries that make up the Group of 77 + China to think “A new Bretton Woods and Marshall Plan that recognizes our strengths as a Global South, but also our needs“, with a new goal that must be”The survival of life and the complete guarantee of equality between all countries and the well-being of our societies. The new Bretton Woods must think about the rules that the new financial and economic system will impose“, pointed out.

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he Ministry of Foreign Affairs He went further and insisted on the need to strengthen measures to protect… Antarcticawhen explaining its relationship to existence AmazonAs well as the large ponds that constitute 80% of the world's sponges: Amazon Basin, Congo Basin, and Borneo-Mekong Basin.

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Finally, tShe hopes to the countries attending the summit that the current conflicts in the world have drained time and resources from protecting life and the planet.. “The above, despite the promotion of an economic model that increasingly requires more fossil fuels and coal, the gift of this blindness are greenhouse gases. What about future generations?“, concluded the Minister.


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