AMLO initiative should be voted down on the flag: Hernández Peña

AMLO initiative should be voted down on the flag: Hernández Peña

Morelia, Mich., April 13, 2023. – As part of a new proposal launched by the federal executive to create a new public law for the humanities, technology, and innovation, PRI local representative Jesús Hernandez Peña considered that it should be voted against by lawmakers in the Federal Congress.

Statement of the foregoing, because if AMLO is not one, then it is another; He emphasized that with this centralized and authoritarian initiative, the President of the Republic is trying once again to control now, in all scientific, technological and innovative work, by creating a new Council above Konsit, which will be composed of the heads of the 13 ministries of the Federal Government.

“We must not allow the approval of a law that is intended to limit the freedom of investigation, by which the independence of public research centers is destroyed, by which researchers are excluded from the decision-making process, among other things,” said Hernandez Peña. .

Likewise, he said, it is a proposal that contradicts freedom of research and excludes researchers from the private, social and academic sectors, not only from agenda-setting decisions, but also from budget and scholarship support for training new scientists.

In this context, the deputy confirmed that the members of the PRI of Michoacan will support the actions of national and state leaders to stop a law that, far from aid, endangers the development of science in Mexico.

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