AMLO, on the extinction of trust funds • Forbes Politics • Forbes Mexico

AMLO, on the extinction of trust funds • Forbes Politics • Forbes Mexico

This was confirmed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador We don’t want pilots. They receive benefits from the resources of the funds for which a review will be made.

According to the president, “There was a lack of transparency” in the management of resources in these mechanisms that were “unmonitored”, but the beneficiaries will continue to receive funds to finance their activities.

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“I want to tell the recipients that they will not stop receiving their resources. There is a fund of high-performing athletes and they will continue to have it. The researchers’ money, what has been administered or attributed to Conacyt, will continue to receive their support. Artists, writers and intellectuals who have received their scholarships do the same. We will only conduct a review and that the support is not left in the hands of intermediaries. “It’s a direct delivery, but we will do the review,” Lopez Obrador said at his morning press conference.

added it to Your administration is interested in cultural, sports and scientific activities, which will be directly supported “because it includes people of legal age”.

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We want to see, because there has been a lack of transparency in the management of these funds. They were or are over 100 trusts of all kinds, completely out of control. sWe want to check that there are no pilots, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about science, culture and sports. We care so much that we want there to be no corruption.

On September 29, 2020, the House Budget and Public Accounts Committee approved an initiative I promoted Brown woman, to disappear 109 trust relationships that lack structure.

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