Are you doing science that helped restore the countryside of Puebla

Are you doing science that helped restore the countryside of Puebla
Do you know you can help restore the Poblano countryside. Photo: special

People dedicated to science, technology and innovation
can create Development strategy for rural Puebla and obtaining economic stimulusAlejandro Arias Rabago, from CONCEPT; It will support up to 60 lines of search.

In an interview with Ángulo 7, Arias Rabago clarified that the call will close on June 10, after Council of Science and Technology of the State of Puebla CONCEPT has signed an agreement with the State Secretariat for Rural Development (SDR) to support 60 lines of research for rural Puebla to achieve food sovereignty.

In this regard, Arias Rabago explained, “The (economic) support is immediate, processed within a few days, and once the research line is approved by the Rural Development Secretariat, some forms are filled out (…) and the support is created. The economic demand, once That the project is justified and the benefits it will achieve.”

For his part, after the presentation of the book “Melba, Dialogue of Knowledge and Food Sovereignty” on May 30, Oscar Hernandez Fernandez, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Rural Development, commented that this type of project to save the peasant sector in Puebla is to be considered among the resources of more than one billion pesos allotted by the government mandate year after year for this sector.


For this reason, with the aim of promoting 60 research papers, he invited those who conduct research related to the field to join this project “to establish all the knowledge that is being created in the classroom and in research centers with technicians in the field, but directly with the producers.”

About the call for the implementation of projects to support the countryside

In the call published by Concytep, it was made clear that it seeks to create academic, scientific and technological cooperation to achieve maximum development in human resource training and specialization, joint research, technological and academic development, as well as technical or academic advice for technicians and producers.

Those who wish to participate must come from academic and research institutions of the entity and will have to express their interest by sending an email to [email protected] and [email protected], where they include a brief description of the proposal and a program Work and schedule for implementation.

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Other requirements are a master’s or doctoral degree accredited with a professional license or equivalent studies and enrollment in a university or research center in the state of Puebla. The deadline for submitting proposals is June 10.

The production systems focused on 60 lines of research are agricultural systems, such as domestic maize, cactus, vanilla, pitaya, pitaya, sugarcane, input-supported crops, avocado, berries, bananas, citrus, figs, tijukut, apples and coffee

She also has a special interest in livestock, beekeeping, sheep, goats, and aquaculture systems, as well as several agricultural issues, such as the design of publication and training materials, and plans for rural women’s productive organization, among others.


For 60 lines of research specific to the call, as well as limitations, intellectual property rights, confidentiality and handling of information, you can refer to this link With the full call.


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