Bimbo confirms that it has suspended its activities at its factory in Ukraine

Mexico City. – Through a bakery statement Grupo Bimbo announces the closure of its factory in Ukraine and the suspension of its activities For four days due to conflict with Russia.

According to official information, the company’s factory has been added to Activities since 2017 employing 150 employees and for whom they are in order not to risk their physical safety They were sent home.

“For Grupo Bimbo, the top priority is the safety of each of its employees in all the operations that are carried out. in the world, so everything within the reach of the company will be done to support the bakery teams in Ukraine”, explained El Universal in one of its notes.

According to Forbes Mexico, the Mexican company has a presence in that country through its Bimbo QSR unit, which is an acronym for Quick Service Restaurants. Because it mainly serves fast food restaurants.

In the same way She emphasized that the employees are entirely Ukrainian.

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TheThe bakery emphasized that it maintains constant communication It continues to monitor the conflict zone in Ukraine. (With information from El Universal and Forbes Mexico)

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