Brat Gay revealed Masa’s hidden goal of making a pact with the United States

Brat Gay revealed Masa’s hidden goal of making a pact with the United States

Alphonso Pratt Jay I was interviewed this Sunday, at CO+Minister of Economy , Sergio Massaand pointed out that his procedures “are for the platform,” and confirmed that Agreement to sign with the United States to detect evaders Whoever exchanges information has an ulterior motive. He predicted that a new wash would be imminent.

invited to the programme business communitywhich he conducted Jose Del Rio The former Finance Minister of Campemos noted that, based on the agreement promoted by the Todos Front with the White House, “seeks to intimidateand make there New declaration of capitals In the absence of reserves.

Pratt Gay stressed that “everything Masa does is for the pulpit”, and described his procedures as “pure smoke”. “We understood the smoke’s intent. It appears that a new wash will then be announced“, pointed out.

For Prat-Gay, Masa is “desperate” for income dollars. “It is very likely that he will advance in a laundering operation, where he will not punish the outlawsas we did. We rewarded those who were in order for the first time in history,” he said. He added: “I suspect Massa is desperate to say If you bring dollars to Argentina, I’m saving your life“”.

Pratt Guy explained that he himself, during the administration of Mauricio Macri, signed an information agreement with the United States. He pointed out that this agreement, signed on December 23, 2016, is “in effect,” indicating that Casa Rosada can now use it to promote tax evasion and increase foreign exchange, according to one of the proposed goals.

The government says that it will pursue what was whitewashed in the previous government, and it seems that they did not have everything right. They can do that now. They can now determine who was involved in the money laundering, what they announced, and ask the US whether these individuals have a corporation, a corporation, if they are a beneficiary, receive dividends or if they have an account there.”

Pratt Jay explained that agreements with the United States have three types of methods, one that works on demand – based on a specific request from one of the two countries – and the other that occurs automatically and occurs through Motos propertyand the third refers to automatic exchange of informationHe said what is left.

Automatic exchange requires additional protocolThis protocol should be discussed by AFIP with its US counterpart. This is what we lack, or what has not been done over the years, ”he explained. However, he clarified that an automatic exchange “doesn’t necessarily mean” that there is “more information”.

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