Bringing Murcian Health Care to Uganda

Bringing Murcian Health Care to Uganda

Asun Quirante, a professor at UCAM, attends a minor in Uganda.
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Nearly 5,500 kilometers in a straight line separates the city of Kikaia (Uganda) and Murcia, a distance that hardly exists when the sun rises in the heart of Africa, the World Project and UCAM volunteers wear their Catholic University T-shirts, which are already unmistakable to the locals and represent A glimmer of hope in these latitudes. A team of teachers from the educational institution headed by Jose Luis Mendoza rested their daily routine for two weeks to collaborate with the NGO Worldproject on its international mission to set up and equip a clinic and train health workers in the area. This clinic provides free support and assistance to approximately 15,000 people. If necessary, patients are accepted for short stays and have the option of being transported by ambulance to the hospital.

“We see patients with staff there and discuss how to handle the condition. They learn as much as we do”

For Asun Quirante, a medical doctor and professor at UCAM 061, this was the second time she’s been involved and assures it won’t be the last. The training is ongoing and the experience enriches everyone: “One of the most interesting parts is that we see the patients with the health workers there and we comment on how we handle the case. It’s professional training for them and us.”

A central part of this year’s work was to provide the clinic with new materials and to train the toilets in their correct use. Catholic University teachers have adapted the clinical simulation classes they teach to their students during the course and taught them basic aspects such as sutures, immobilization, first aid or assisted childbirth and the performance and interpretation of diagnostic tests such as electrocardiograms or ultrasounds.

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