High-level economic dialogue with the United States

High-level economic dialogue with the United States

As we all know, the actions and decisions of the Lopez Obrador government in matters of foreign policy, and especially regarding our country’s relationship with the United States, left much to be desired and many errors to be corrected. Endless provocations, constitutional violations and non-compliance with international instruments and domestic legislation have seriously affected our image before the whole world.

Last Monday, a few days before Lopez Obrador sent a message to the nation on Independence Day, Mexico and the United States held in our country the second part of the High-level Economic Dialogue (DEAN) meeting held in Washington just one year ago, September 2021, which brought back The two countries activate this mechanism that Donald Trump canceled in 2016.

Through this Economic Dialogue, Mexico and the United States are set to enhance competitiveness and connectivity, encourage economic growth, productivity, entrepreneurship and innovation, and realize the joint exercise of regional and global leadership.

As expected, the main topic of the meeting was the integration of North American economies, a scenario that can be reached by several paths, perhaps the most important of which, according to Blinken, is the use of clean renewable energies. It is worth noting that Mexico will not achieve its clean energy goals for another 13 years, as it has already failed to achieve the 2021 goals and will fail to achieve the 2024 goal. The failures will continue for more than a decade.

It’s time for the Mexican government to stop endangering the national economy, remembering that this year’s inflation rate will reach double digits. It is imperative that the DEAN findings are not affected by the crisis resulting from consultations on potential violations of T-MEC submitted by Canada and the United States.

We hope that in order to avoid further tension and damage in the relationship with our neighbors to the north, the Mexican government will honor the agreements reached during this meeting and that López Obrador will refrain from sending an incorrect message to the international community on September 16th. we will see…

Written by Mariana Gomez del Campo
Secretary of International Affairs Ban Sin
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