Summit at the US Embassy: Roberto Paradel and Hugo Yasci meet Mark Stanley

Summit at the US Embassy: Roberto Paradel and Hugo Yasci meet Mark Stanley

US Ambassador to Buenos Aires, Mark Stanley received this afternoon at the diplomatic residence Roberto Paradel and Hugo Yasci, two trade unionists close to the Tudos Front government.

The diplomatic representative shared on social networks a photo of the meeting, which revolved around trade unions, as detailed.

The role of unions is critical in protecting workers’ rights and building a strong economy. We spoke with Hugo Yasci and Roberto Paradel About the progress and challenges unions face today, and the joint work of the United States and Argentina on workers’ rights,” Stanley tweeted and accompanied the message with a photo with official union members.

La Nasion consulted environments Among the summit participants who decided to provide few details about the surprise meeting after the criticism leveled by the trade unionists against the US ambassador.

They explained from Bardel’s circle:They spoke first of all about the political situation and the importance of trade union organizations To protect workers’ rights, recover the economy, and worry about the attempted assassination of Christina Kirchner.”

The person who promoted the meeting was Stanley and the meeting lasted about an hour, LA NACION has learned.

The Deputy for everyone’s front as well as the Secretary General of the CTA, Hugo YaskeLast November, Stanley was criticized because before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in his country he questioned the lack of bias of the Alberto Fernandez government in the United States’ position against Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Yaski had complained in a radio interview about the ambassador’s look and emphasized: “These are statements by a viceroy who has a neo-colonial concept.”

Their expressions reveal the deep thinking of the United States government. As much as there are differences between Trump and Biden, they still think Latin America is their backyard.” Note Yaski.

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