President Luis Abenader has stated that the Dominican Republic will sign an Open Skies policy with the United States within 60 days

President Luis Abenader has stated that the Dominican Republic will sign an Open Skies policy with the United States within 60 days
President Luis Abenader.

The President of the Republics, Louis Abenader, reported that the government has made significant progress in talks with the US government to sign the Open Skies Policy Agreement between the two countries.

He said the Americans are very interested in this agreement, which is why he understands that there are no criticisms or questions to the Civil Aviation Commission, as the body that deals with airline licensing decisions in the Dominican Republic. He explained that the authority differs from the technical body that monitors airport security, which is the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC).

President Luis Abenader revealed that talks with the US have progressed and nearly 90 per cent of open skies points policies have already been approved, which will allow Dominican airlines to fly and connect flights to various US cities. states, and the same would allow North American airlines to schedule flights and make connections from various points to the Dominican Republic.

The President stated that at the same time the government is working on the creation of a Caribbean hub, to make the Dominican Republic an air navigation center in the region, and progress has been made in negotiations with the Spanish airline for this purpose. From the Piñero Group (Plus Ultra), which owns a large chain of hotels in the country, especially Bahia Principe.

The president also reported that the incentive policy for domestic airlines is to be approved. In the case of Arajet, a Dominican airline that has started operations, it would benefit from an open skies policy with the United States. This company, of Dominican origin, has agreements and investments from important groups in the United States.

President Abinader presented this information in a meeting with media executives who attended the National Palace to participate in an information lunch on the state’s investments in building schools, and the initiatives that were developed to remove obstacles to the remaining schools from construction in the previous administration. .

In addition to President Abenader, Vice President Raquel Peña, Minister of the Presidency Joel Santos, Minister of Education, Angel Hernandez, Carlos Pimentel, Director of Public Procurement and Contracting, and Fernando Taveras, Director, attended the meeting. School buildings of the National Plan, among others.

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