Build it Forward Season 3: Renewal Status, Release Date, & Recap

Build it forward season 3

Build it forward season 3

Build It Forward is not just another home renovation show; it is an inspiring journey that not only revitalizes buildings but also brings hope to deserving communities. It’s a unique reality television show, presented by HGTV and Lowe’s, that blends the magic of remodeling with the thrill of uplifting communities.

As the series approaches its potential third season, fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting updates. Join us as we delve into the show’s popularity, cast, release date predictions, and everything you need to know about the upcoming season.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Season: 2
  • Release Date: to be Announced Soon
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Reality
  • Where to Watch: HGTV, & Apple TV

Popularity of the Show

The phenomenal success of Build It Forward can be attributed to its unique premise and the heartwarming stories it showcases. Unlike typical home makeover shows, Build It Forward focuses on transforming the lives of individuals and organizations that are making a difference in their communities. The show has garnered a dedicated global following, with viewers looking forward to each episode’s captivating transformations and touching narratives.

Build It Forward Season 3 Cancelled or Renewed?

As of now, there is no official announcement about the renewal or cancellation of Build It Forward Season 3. Given the positive ratings and the popularity of the show, there is a high chance that the series will return for a third season. However, fans must wait for an official statement from the showrunners.

Release Date Build It Forward Season 3

As of the writing of this article, the official release date for Build It Forward Season 3 is yet to be announced. However, based on the pattern of previous releases and the show’s increasing popularity, we can expect the series to return for another heartwarming season, potentially in the start of  2024 or end of 2023.

Cast of Build It Forward

The cast of Build It Forward is headlined by the charismatic and talented duo of Taniya Nayak and Shane Duffy, whose chemistry and dedication form the heart of the show.

Taniya Nayak is a prominent figure in the world of interior design. Indian-American Nayak is renowned for her creative and versatile designs. She’s best known for her appearances on HGTV and Food Network shows, showcasing her natural ability to transform spaces into something extraordinary. With her charismatic personality and expert eye for design, Taniya Nayak breathes life into each episode, making the transformation process as enjoyable as the final reveal.

Shane Duffy, on the other hand, brings a complementary skill set to the table. As a real estate developer and designer, his knowledge of structures and design dynamics allows him to push boundaries and deliver innovative solutions. Duffy’s ability to reimagine spaces and his passion for community upliftment make him an integral part of Build It Forward.

Together, Nayak and Duffy form an unstoppable team. Nayak’s vibrant design vision pairs beautifully with Duffy’s knack for efficient space utilization and construction. Their shared passion for transforming lives through renovations has brought magic to Build It Forward.

However, the show wouldn’t be complete without its guest stars — the individuals and communities that they help. Each episode features new faces, each with a unique, inspiring story to tell. They are the real stars of the show, providing the emotional core that makes Build It Forward more than just a renovation show.

The dynamic between Nayak and Duffy, along with the heartwarming stories of the guest stars, ensures that each episode of Build It Forward is packed with emotion, inspiration, and extraordinary transformations. As we await potential news of Season 3, we can only hope to see this amazing duo back on our screens, continuing to make a difference one renovation at a time.

 Build It Forward Season 3 Spoiler

While no official information about the third season’s plot has been released, the essence of Build It Forward will likely remain the same. It is safe to expect that Taniya Nayak and Shane Duffy will return with more heartwarming stories of renovation and community transformation.

Build It Forward Season 2 Recap

Season 2 of Build It Forward marked another inspiring chapter of renovation and transformation. This season, hosts Taniya Nayak and Shane Duffy took the viewers on a heartwarming journey across the United States, touching the lives of deserving individuals and organizations through a blend of empathy and craftsmanship.

In the opening episode of the season, they found themselves assisting a hometown hero who uses the arts to empower young people in their community. Alongside a team of local volunteers and the backing of Lowe’s, the dynamic duo took on the ambitious task of renovating the hero’s home and reviving a historic theater. The results were awe-inspiring, setting the tone for what would be a season filled with similar feats of compassion and skill.

Following that, the second episode took us to Denver, Colorado. Here, the team surprised a program director at Colorado Village Collaborative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sheltering individuals experiencing homelessness.

Once again, the primary focus was on both the personal and community spaces – the director’s residence and a communal area for the organization’s members. It was another testament to how thoughtful renovations can uplift individuals and communities alike.

The heartening journey continued to Ontario, California, in the third episode. The team came to aid a selfless woman who has dedicated her life to helping adults with disabilities at Anthesis. The transformation of her home and a community space at the nonprofit organization provided an inspiring story of hope and transformation.

The season culminated in Washington, DC, where the team revitalized the home of the Chief Program Officer at Horton’s Kids, a nonprofit organization committed to providing essential services to local children. Simultaneously, the team undertook the renovation of the organization’s new headquarters, highlighting the broad impact that these renovations have on local communities.

Each episode of Build It Forward Season 2 was not just about transformation of physical spaces, but also about enriching lives. The common thread was the hosts’ deep connection with the people they were helping and their understanding of the communities’ needs. It was a season that truly epitomized the show’s mission: to build it forward, to create a ripple effect of positive change, one renovation at a time.

The unique format, focusing on both residential and community spaces, has further cemented the show’s place in the hearts of viewers. As we look back on these extraordinary transformations, it’s clear that Season 2 of Build It Forward has set a high benchmark for any potential future seasons.

Ratings of the Show

Build It Forward has consistently received positive reviews from viewers, reflecting its popularity and the emotional connection it forms with its audience. With each season, the ratings have been climbing, and expectations for the third season are high.

Interesting Thing about Build It Forward Season 3

The exciting thing about the potential third season of Build It Forward is the anticipation of where the team will head next and whose life they will transform. Fans are looking forward to seeing more incredible renovations, uplifting stories, and the incredible impact this show continues to have on communities nationwide.

Review of the Show

Build It Forward goes beyond just being a renovation show. It tells stories of hope, transformation, and community-building that captivate viewers worldwide. The reality show has an inspiring premise that sets it apart from its contemporaries, showcasing the power of renovation in changing lives. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves home improvement shows with a meaningful twist.

Where to Watch

The official platform to watch Build It Forward is HGTV, and Apple TV. This renowned streaming service offers a wide variety of shows, including Build It Forward, and allows viewers to enjoy the series anytime, anywhere.


Build It Forward is not just a renovation show; it is a journey that transforms lives and communities. As we eagerly await the potential third season, we are reminded of the power of creativity and compassion in changing the world, one renovation at a time. Here’s to hoping we get to join Nayak and Duffy on more transformative journeys in the near future!

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