Earthquake in Peru today, May 2 – Earthquake report in time, place, and magnitude via IGP Live | mix up

Earthquake in Peru today, May 2 – Earthquake report in time, place, and magnitude via IGP Live |  mix up

Peru located in Pacific Ring of FireIt is the place where the Earth releases more than 85% of the energy that accumulates inside it. It is important to know that seismic activity in the Peruvian territory is caused by the subduction of the oceanic plate and the continental plate, causing telluric movements of different sizes and with great frequency. It must be understood that Peru is part of South American paintingwhich collides head-on with Nazca plate At speeds of up to 6 cm/year.

For this great reason, It shows the earthquakes that occur in the country daily, as according to the entity’s report, nearly a thousand earthquakes are reported annually, many of which are aware of the population. The strong earthquakes taking place in the country cause serious damage, but the main problem is not the natural phenomenon, but rather the informal buildings and homes built on very dangerous soil.

Therefore, below I will show you the official information from the IGP updated in real time about the latest earthquakes that occurred today, May 2, as well as the safety recommendations provided by National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI).

The tremor in Peru today, May 2, broadcast live via IGP

It is important that Peruvian citizens can prevent the effects of an earthquake or earthquake, knowing its details such as the exact time, epicenter and magnitude of the earthquake reported by the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP), in collaboration with the National Center of Seismology (CENSIS), in the same way as the security recommendations provided by I submitted it . Below, I leave you what the latest tremors are.

What to do after an earthquake in Peru?

  • Verify that there is no gas leakage that could cause a fire.
  • Call emergency numbers such as: Firefighters 116, Red Cross (01) 2660481 and Mobile Emergency Care (SAMU) 106.
  • Helping the injured.
  • Be careful with possible aftershocks. Avoid being near homes damaged by the earthquake.
  • If you are near the sea, stay away from the area until the possibility of a tsunami has been ruled out.

What should an emergency bag contain?

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