Canada is leaving the United States out

Canada is leaving the United States out

United State, favorite in the classic historical rivalry with Canada, made poor predictions and was eliminated in the first semi-final of women’s soccer in Tokyo Games. Fleming’s lone penalty kick in a tricky game and with plenty of inaccuracy gave the Canadians a pass to the final, which will face the winner of the other “half” between Australia and Sweden on Friday.

The first half was not as good as seen at Kashima Stadium. Both teams played gray football devoid of chances. All the baggage was a pair of harmless headers from Erts and Alex Morgan by the Americans, who also saw their guard Alyssa Naher replaced 20 minutes later due to injury: she fell hard on her knee in a jump and had to run into Adriana Franch. At rest without goals.

The tonic for the first minutes of the appeal was the same. The United States came out to press, but continued to lose easy balls and Andonovsky made a three-way change in the 59th minute in search of solutions: Rapinoe, Bryce and Lloyd came in for the Heat, Morgan and Williams.

The reaction was immediately evident. Lloyd showed his efficiency with a shot between the three sticks (the first in the match) which Labbé veered well into a corner. Then Rapinoe’s corner kick headed Erts on goal, with the Canada goalkeeper playing again.

Everything changed when Davidson committed a penalty in the 73rd minute on Rose for a kick in the area. It was Fleming who fired it, putting Canada ahead (0-1). He didn’t miss the Chelsea player although Franch guessed her intentions. The jug of cold water for the United States when she was attacking the most. With ten left, Moyes entered O’Hara. Andonovsky reached his last cartridges.

Carli Lloyd, the model and the tears at the end

The United States, which still had its best players in Lloyd and Rapinoe, did not give up. A second cross headed in by veteran Lloyd from the crossbar. There were only three minutes left and everything was fast on the Stars and Stripes team. Goalkeeper Franch stepped up to finish a corner kick in injury time, but to no avail. Canada prevailed against expectations, leaving the United States as a four-time champion. Tears on the faces of veteran Lloyd playing her last game.

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