CBD Oil for Dogs Vs Hemp Oil

In recent times, CBD has received quite the attention due to its anti-inflammatory and calming effects. This product cuts across species as both people and dogs can enjoy the benefits of this product.

Since CBD is derived from cannabis, another cannabis derivative product was also brought to the limelight, hemp oil. This product is said to ameliorate joint pain in dogs and is also said to provide fatty acids to pet’s diets.

However, most persons sometimes confuse one for the other since they share an origin and offer similar benefits. Due to this, you may be unclear on what each of these products offers dogs or what the disparities are between them. In this article, we intend to clear this confusion. To help you understand the differences better, we will first explain each product individually.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil (just like its name implies) is derived from hemp. However, unlike CBD, it isn’t a cannabinoid. What we mean by that is this product does not contain active THC or CBD. These properties are found only in cannabis flowers and to a point, its leaf, whereas, hemp oil is gotten from the pressed seed of the plant.

Hemp oil has been in use for a longer time than CBD. It has typically been used as a cooking product (since it has a distinct nutty flavor) and as a medicinal product. This product can be used for a wide range of purposes, from skin supplements to antioxidant supplements to salad dressings.


CBD is a short form of the term cannabidiol. Cannabidiol belongs to the cannabinoid group of compounds. Cannabinoids are the active compounds that are found in cannabis. Unlike THC (another major cannabinoid), CBD does not have the properties to affect one’s cognitive functions and perception. In simpler words, it cannot make your dog or you high.

When this compound is extracted from hemp and pressed out, we get CBD oil. This product is fast gaining recognition globally as a natural remedy that is free of side effects and safe.

A recent WHO report affirms that studies into the use of cannabidiol oil did not find any ill effects. You can visit here https://www.who.int/medicines/access/controlled-substances/5.2_CBD.pdf to read this report. Therefore, if you choose to give your dog CBD, you can rest assured that it will not develop any adverse effects so long as you give it the proper dosage.

CBD Vs Hemp Oil

As we have seen from the above explanations, the major difference between these products is the part of the plant they are extracted from. Cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers and the leaf of the plant. Hemp oil on the other hand is gotten from the plant’s seeds. The seeds do not contain cannabinoids. So, unless cannabinoids like CBD and THC are purposely added to hemp oil, it should be free of cannabinoids.

However, because these products are both gotten from one source, some persons have taken to use CBD and hemp oil interchangeably. This in a way seems reasonable. But, as we have seen, these products are different and we cannot afford confusion and mix-up when it concerns our pets.

Therefore, when you go shopping for either of these products, be sure to peruse the labels to be sure that you are buying the right thing.

Which Should You Give Your Dog?

Whether you give your dog cannabidiol or hemp oil should be based on your dog’s medical needs. Each of these products although they have some similar effects work better for certain ailments. That being said, let us consider two major reasons people use this product for their pets and which product is better suited for them.


Both oils can be used for the treatment and management of pain. However, they each focus on specific areas. Hemp oil may be used as a dietary supplement that can help support and manage joint pains and arthritis.

On the flip side, cannabidiol can be used not just to manage pain but as a pain treatment remedy. However, it is sometimes combined with other medications (prescribed) to get the desired effects. Note that although cannabidiol is all-natural, it may interact adversely with some medications. Therefore, it is important to check with a vet before you double up CBD treatment with other medications.


Hemp oil does not have much to offer when used as an anxiety treatment. However, if your dog is immobile, it can worsen anxiety. Hemp oil can be added to the routine of a dog to help it regain mobility. So, unless you want to help your dog in this way, this product may not be a good choice for anxiety.

But, CBD as a cannabinoid has several properties that can create a therapeutic and calming effect in dogs. As such, it is a wonderful remedy for anxiety.

Are These Oils Legal?

Since they are products of cannabis plants, the question of these products’ legality often comes up. Hemp oil does not contain any cannabinoids so it has always been classified as legal.

The story is quite different with CBD as the legal environment of this compound is still quite murky even till now. The 2018 Farm Bill made cannabidiol derived from hemp legal since it typically contains just 0.3 percent of THC. You can check here to learn more about this bill. However, some states still consider the use of this product illegal. So, it will be wise to find out the legal standings of your state of residence on this matter before you shop for it.


We believe we have been able to clear up any confusion you had about these products. But, if you have further questions, please let us know.

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