Celebrating the 145th Anniversary of UASLP Medical School

Celebrating the 145th Anniversary of UASLP Medical School

The Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi celebrated on February 15 this year its 145th anniversary, after on January 29, 1877 a decree was issued to build a school of medicine and open its chairs, so that February 15 of the same year, Leon Villasinor studied the first class of anatomy. The director of the Scientific and Literary Institute at that time was Ignacio Gama, and the state governor, Carlos Díez Gutierrez.

During the celebration of 145 of the profession, Ismael Francisco Herrera Benavente, Director of the Faculty of Medicine, emphasized that during all these years, the mission of training health professionals, through 29 educational programs to generate undergraduate and postgraduate students, has been fulfilled. Knowledge to address major health problems of the population. “We always strive for continuous educational development in accordance with national and foreign quality standards, all in accordance with its vision and mission.”

He stated that due to its quality in medical education and social recognition, the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi School of Medicine is a national benchmark and currently ranks among the public colleges in the country. Herrera Benavente stated that the teachers who came before and generously shared their experiences and wisdom, generated scientific knowledge, and being fundamental pillars of what the campus is today, should be remembered with great admiration and respect.

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