China and the United States, in conflict over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Europe – International

China and the United States, in conflict over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Europe – International

China has denied that Russia has requested military assistance to invade Ukraine, US media reported, citing officials from that country.

It’s totally false, it’s just misinformation. China has clearly and consistently stated its position on the crisis in Ukraine. We play a constructive role and assess the situation impartially and independently. Discrediting China’s position is unacceptableForeign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said today at a press conference.

In addition, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, citing the Chinese state news agency, confirmed that His country does not want to be affected by Western sanctions against Russia.

“China is not part of the crisis,” he added (Ukrainian) And even fewer want to be affected by the sanctions‘, were Wang’s words in a telephone conversation with fellow Spaniard, Jose Manuel Alparis.

Does China support Russia?

According to two US officials, cited by other media outlets, “CNN” and “The New York Times”, China may have already given an answer and confirmed that if this assistance was provided, it would have changed “Troop Mode“On the ground and as a counterweight to the harsh sanctions imposed by the West on the Russian economy.”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, and Xi Jinping, President of China.

The New York Times noted that Moscow also asked China for additional economic support To help counter the blow to the Russian economy from harsh sanctions imposed by the United States and European and Asian countries.

China has so far avoided condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine, calling it “Invade‘, while insisting so much on ‘Respect the territorial integrity of all countriesAnd in the attention that should be given to Russia’s ‘legitimate security demands’.

They have always maintained a strong energy cooperation

Chinese speakers also emphasized this China opposes unilateral sanctions because “They do not bring peace and security“Other”Serious financial difficulties“for”Residents of the affected countries“.

They escalate the confrontation and lead to a win-lose scenario.The spokesman Zhao said last week, referring to the US embargo on Russian oil and gas in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

China and Russia”Always maintained strong energy cooperation” And the “Will continue to conduct business cooperation including oil and gasZhao explained that the exchanges will take place in the spirit of “Mutual respect, benefit and equality“.

At the meeting of the United States and China

Security and foreign affairs representatives of the governments of the United States and China met in Rome on Monday to discuss the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on security in Europe and around the world.

The US delegation was led by White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and the Chinese delegation was led by Yang Jiechi, Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.


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