China discovers a new subtype of the omicron variant – El Financiero

China discovers a new subtype of the omicron variant – El Financiero

China has reported more than 13,000 new COVID-19 infectionwhile state media reported a case infected with a new subtype of the omicron variant.

The new subtype was detected in a patient with mild coronavirus, in a city less than 70 kilometers from Shanghai, which evolved from the BA.1.1 branch of the omicron variant, Global Times reported.

In addition, they explained that the subtype does not match another coronavirus that causes this disease in China nor with those who sent to GISAIDwhere scientists from around the world share COVID-19 who have sequenced it as a way to monitor for mutations.

Nearly 12,000 of the cases reported across the country on Saturday were asymptomatic.

Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chun Lan He came to the virus hotspot in Shanghai to oversee prevention efforts and ordered officials to curb the outbreak “as soon as possible,” according to Xinhua.

Cases in the financial center exceeded 8,000 on Saturday, including 7,788 asymptomatic infections. Shanghai will begin a new round of mass testing on Monday, officials said.

Sun, who earlier went to Jilin to oversee lockdown measures in the northeastern province, ordered Shanghai officials to take “resolute” measures to stem the outbreak. The capital’s population of 25 million is currently under some form of quarantine.

And in Sanya, Hainan Province, the authorities suspended all transportation to limit the spread of the virus. COVID-19according to a post on the official WeChat account.

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